What is iwocaPay?

iwocaPay is way to offer flexible payment terms to your customers without waiting to get paid and without any of the credit risk.

Who are iwoca?

iwoca is a fast, flexible source of business finance for all UK businesses. Christoph and James launched iwoca in March 2012. Since then we've grown exponentially, lent over one billion pounds to small businesses across the UK and most importantly have thousands of happy customers (check out our feedback).

What does the name iwoca mean?

iwoca stands for instant working capital.

Is iwoca a bank?

No, we're technology-based finance company or ‘FinTech’. We use technology to make it easy and straightforward for small businesses to access finance when they need it. 

How is iwocaPay different to invoice finance? 

We don’t purchase or take control of invoices and we don’t believe in complexity. Instead we help businesses offer their customers a way to spread the cost of their purchase, while getting paid up front. Customers can pay in 30 days for free, or have the flexibility to pay over 90 days if they'd like to.

Where are you based?

We are based in central London, on the 5th floor of 247 Tottenham Court Road. Drop by for a chat if you are in the area!

Can I speak to someone?

Sure, feel free to give us a call on 020 3778 0549.

Can I trust you?

Absolutely. We are a member of the CCTA and we've been rated excellent by more 4,300 of our customers on Trustpilot. We've also been featured in the national press and won many industry awards.

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