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Can I repay my CBILS loan early?

You’re always welcome to repay early, but there’s no real rush with CBILS.

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Our CBILS loan lasts up to five years but if you’re back on track and want to repay early then we can absolutely help with that (and we never charge a fee for it).

Remember: you don’t pay a penny for your loan for the first year

The government pay your interest for the first 12 months - so financially speaking, there’s no benefit in repaying your loan before the first year is up. The economy’s changing fast, and you never know when the money might be useful.

There’s a few ways you can repay early

  • If you only have one loan with us: just head over to your account page, click “Make an early repayment” and follow the steps.

  • If you have two loans with us: give your account manager a call on 020 3397 3375, let them know which loan you’d like to repay and how much.

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