1. Head to your dashboard and log in - here's a helpful article if you're having trouble logging in.

  2. Enter a reference for your invoice - your customer won't see this, it’s just a way for you to manage your pay links. If it's a test pay link to send to yourself just enter 'test'.

  3. Enter the amount - up to £15,000. Your customers name will be pending and auto-filled when they accept. If it's a test pay link put £1000.

  4. Confirm your pay link - just click on ‘Create a new pay link’.

  5. Copy your pay link - your pay link is now ready to share. Copy the pay link by clicking ‘Copy pay link’,

  6. Send it to your customer - paste the pay link into an email or on your invoice and send it to your customer. If you want to check it first paste it into your browser.

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