Sending an invoice from Xero with an iwocaPay pay link button

Once you've linked iwocaPay to Xero you can easily give your customers the option to pay with iwocaPay effortlessly.

How iwocaPay works with Xero

After your Xero account is linked to iwocaPay you can automatically include a ‘pay with iwocaPay’ button on new Xero invoices straight from Xero - the button is powered by your Universal pay link, that means you’ll need to head to the your iwocaPay dashboard and change the settings on your Universal pay link if you’d like to change who pays for Pay Later.

You won’t need to create pay links in your iwocaPay dashboard and they’ll automatically appear here after your customers click the checkout button on your Xero invoice. Once an invoice is paid with iwocaPay it will be automatically recorded in Xero and updated in your iwocaPay dashboard.

Just use one of the branding themes you linked with your iwocaPay account

This adds iwocaPay as a payment option on your invoice using your Universal pay link settings. If you don’t want to add iwocaPay to an invoice, just use a different branding theme.

Setting due dates

You’ll need to set a due date for the invoice in Xero.

  • If you’d like to get paid up front, keep today's date as the due date - Remember your customer will already get 30 days interest free to pay after they checkout with iwocaPay.

  • If you’d like to give your customer more time to pay, you can add the number of extra days you’d like to give them to your due date - Your customer will be able to settle the invoice with iwocaPay on the due date and then get 30 days before their first payment on top.

Make sure you send an online version of your invoice

Otherwise your customer won’t be able to use the iwocaPay button. To do that, all you need to do is deselect the ‘include PDF attachment box’.

Other than that, just head to your Xero dashboard to create the invoice as usual. Here’s a quick video to show you how.

Editing your Xero email templates to include information about iwocaPay

Adding information to the email sent with your invoice

It’s important to give your customer a little information about iwocaPay when you send them an invoice using iwocaPay. To make it super easy it’s probably worth creating an ‘iwocaPay invoice’ email template in Xero.

Just follow these steps to edit or add email templates in your Xero account and add in the ‘Sending a pay link’ email template from your iwocaPay launch pack.

Adding information to follow up emails

We’ll follow up with your customers who sign up to iwocaPay - but if you’d like to follow up with them too you can set this up to run automatically in Xero.

Just follow these steps to set up or edit invoice reminders in your Xero account and copy the ‘Pending pay link’ email template from your iwocaPay launch pack.

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