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Everything you need to know about creating, sending and tracking pay links

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There are just 3 steps to sending a pay link with iwocaPay, it’s super simple

Head to your dashboard and choose the type of pay link you want

There are 3 types of pay links - which one you pick will depend on who you’re sending it to and how:

  1. Universal pay link: A reusable pay link for any amount - perfect to add to your website or invoice template. Your customer enters the amount and reference once they get the pay link.

  2. Package pay links: A reusable pay link for a set amount - great if you have a specific product or package. You set the amount and reference, it can be used multiple times by any customer.

  3. Custom pay links: A one-time pay link for a specific payment - ideal if you want more control over the terms on a specific invoice. You set the amount, reference and terms tailored to your customer. Once they've checked out, the link can't be used again.

If you're using a Package or Custom pay link you’ll need to enter a reference and an amount. Your customer won't see the reference, it’s just a way for you to manage your pay links.

Next decide who foots the bill if your customer decides to Pay Later

It’s always free for you and your customer if they Pay Now. If they Pay Later you can decide to make it:

Free for you: Your customers can Pay Later at a rate based on their business - you don’t pay a penny. Our current rep. rate is 2.5%.

Or free for your customer: Your customers can Pay Later for free - you pay a fixed % fee at the end of the month. What you pay will depend on your business and account set up when you join us, speak to the team on 0203 778 0549 to find out how this might work for your business.

You always get the full invoice amount paid instantly as soon as your customer checks out - no matter how they pay or how long they take. For more detail on how Pay Later fees work take a look here.

Note: If you change who pays on the Universal pay link - it’ll update for everyone who checks out from then on, even if you sent them the link before the change. If they already started check out (but didn’t finish it), they won’t get the updated pricing.

Then send it to your customer, however you like

Just copy and paste to add the pay link to an invoice, email, or send it over text or whatsapp. You can even add it as a checkout button to your website or as a QR code.

The payments page in your dashboard shows you a summary of all the pay links you’ve sent that have been clicked by your customer

Once they've clicked on a pay link you’ll be able to see:

  • the date

  • the reference

  • the amount

  • the pay link type

  • and the status

If your customer hasn’t clicked their pay link, it won’t show up here.

Here’s what the pay link statuses mean:

  • Your customer has started this means your customer has decided to Pay Later but hasn’t finished applying yet.

  • Your customer is eligible - this means your customer finished applying to Pay Later is ready to check out. They just need to sign the contract to settle up, once they do the funds will be sent to you instantly.

  • Your customer is declined - this means your customer can’t use Pay Later right now - they should choose to Pay Now to check out.

  • You’ve been paid - this means your customer has finished checking out and the money should be in your bank account.

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