Why does iwoca ask for a Personal Guarantee?

Here's why we ask for a Personal Guarantee from the Director of the business

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To take out an iwoca loan, a director of the business needs to sign a personal guarantee, which makes them personally responsible for repaying the loan. 

We ask for this commitment because we offer unsecured loans, which means they’re not backed by any assets, and our Flexi-Loan means you can repay the full amount at any point with no penalty. A personal guarantee gives us reassurance that the loan will be repaid. 

Can I get a loan without signing a personal guarantee?

We can’t give you a loan until you’ve signed a personal guarantee, but we can review your application. Once you’ve received an offer, you can decide whether to go ahead with the loan and sign the personal guarantee. 

Applying is completely free and doesn’t commit you to anything. Once you’ve applied, we’ll come back to you with a decision within 24 business hours. Go to our homepage to start the application process. 

If you have any questions, send us a message by clicking the icon in the bottom right of your screen. 

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