Our pricing is simple: when you get approved, you'll be given a single fixed interest rate for your Flexi-Loan. This rate will be charged on your outstanding loan amount (but not on the interest) for each day you have the funds.

Since you can repay early at any point, this means that you only pay for the funds when you use them. For example, if you find you only need the funds for 26 days then you only need pay interest for 26 days rather than paying for the full 12 months.

Your interest rate is determined based on the risk profile of your business and can vary from 2% - 6% per month. Over half of all customers will get a rate of 3.33% per month or better which works out at a 49% representative APR*. This works out at around £1.11 per day for each £1,000 you borrow.

Read more about what representative APR means and how to compare pricing or find out more about how we determine the interest rates.

  • Representative example: Borrow £10,000 for 12 months at 49% representative APR. Interest rate of 40% p.a. (fixed). Total amount repayable is £12,165. Representative APR based on businesses approved for £25,000 or less. Actual rate may vary based on circumstances.

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