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Using spending limits with iwocaPay
Using spending limits with iwocaPay

How to get and use your spending limit

Written by Harriet de Courcy Ling
Updated over a week ago

How do I get a Pay Later spending limit?

All you need to do is sign up for an iwocaPay account with a few basic details about you and your business. We’ll run a soft credit check and assess you for a spending limit up to £15,000 to use the next time you make a purchase with a supplier that offers iwocaPay.

How do I use my spending limit?

Once you’ve got your spending limit just head to the checkout and choose to Pay Later with iwocaPay. See more about using Pay Later here.

Instead of asking you to sign up you’ll be automatically logged into your iwocaPay account and your spending limit.

What if I don’t use all of my spending limit?

You can use as much or as little of your spending limit as you like. We’ll refresh your spending limit every 30 days - which means it could go up or down based on you and your business.

You’ll always be able to keep track of your spending limit in your iwocaPay dashboard and see how much you have left to use.

Can I use my spending limit with Pay in 3 and Pay in 12?

Yes you can use it for both - but the amount you have to spend might be different for Pay in 3 and Pay in 12.

Can I top up my spending limit?

Yes - once you make a payment to us your spending limit will be topped up by the same amount.

If there have been significant changes that might impact the credit worthiness of your business your available spending limit could be lower than the amount you repaid.

Where can I use my spending limit?

You can use your spending limit with any iwocaPay supplier.

If your supplier doesn’t already accept payments with iwocaPay ask them to check out our website!

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