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Giving other users access to your iwocaPay account
Giving other users access to your iwocaPay account

It might be useful for you to give other users in your business access to your iwocaPay dashboard.

Written by Harriet de Courcy Ling
Updated over a week ago

This will only give them access to the iwocaPay dashboard - you’ll still need to register new users as an Authorised Person for them to access the account over the phone.

Add new users to your iwocaPay account from your iwocaPay Dashboard

  1. Go to the menu drop down in the iwocaPay dashboard

  2. Then to the Manage Users page

  3. Click to Add a new user to your account.

  4. Give us their name, email address and what access level you want them to have (find out more about these below).

  5. We’ll email them an invite to finish setting up their account - you can resend their invite from the Manage Users page at any time if it expires.

You can choose to give users editor or admin access

The difference between the two is the ability to add and manage other users.

Editors can see all the iwocaPay data and can change Pay Later settings, but can’t add or manage any users.

Admins can do all the above and can also add other users to the account.

Neither admins or editors can see the director who signed up for iwocaPays own personal details or information about their loan applications with iwoca.

You can always change or remove a users access

  1. Go to Manage Users page on your iwocaPay dashboard.

  2. Select the relevant user and click “...” next to their name.

  3. Then click Change role or Remove.

If you have Xero linked then your iwocaPay seller account will need to be protected with 2FA.

This is a requirement from Xero to protect your data. Any other users who have access to your account will also need 2FA set up.

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