Integrating iwocaPay with Quickbooks

Link your Quickbooks account to automatically add a 'pay with iwocaPay' button to your invoices

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How iwocaPay works with Quickbooks

After your Quickbooks account is linked to iwocaPay you can automatically include an iwocaPay pay link as a note on the bottom of new invoices straight from Quickbooks and reconcile all your iwocaPay payments

Because iwocaPay is added as a pay link at the bottom of the invoice - it doesn't impact your other payment methods that are accessed by clicking the Review and Pay button.

Connecting your iwocaPay account to your Quickbooks account.

It's pretty simple to connect iwocaPay to your Quickbooks account.

  • Head over to your iwocaPay dashboard click on the ‘Integrations’ button in the top right.

  • Then go to the Quickbooks page and tap the ‘Connect’ button.

That's it! You're done.

Sending an invoice from Quickbooks with an iwocaPay pay link

Once you've linked iwocaPay to Quickbooks it'll automatically give your customers the option to pay with iwocaPay by adding an iwocaPay pay link to the bottom of your invoices - you don't need to do anything else.

To make sure you get the most out of iwocaPay we do recommend adding a note to the email sent with your invoice.

Here's one we made earlier for you to copy and paste:

“We're now taking payments through iwocaPay. Just click the pay link below to pay via instant bank transfer.”


“We're now offering a Buy Now Pay Later option using iwocaPay. Just click the pay link below to pay in 3 monthly instalments - you're first payment will be taken 30 days after you checkout.“

Control your pricing when your customers use Pay Later to pay a Quickbooks invoice

With iwocaPay you decide who foots the bill when your customers use Pay Later - you can find out how Pay Later pricing works here.

Your pricing set up is controlled by your Universal Pay Link

  • Head to the Pay Links page of your iwocaPay dashboard

  • Select Universal link

  • Choose if you’d like it to be Free for you or Free for your customers

Note: It’ll update for everyone who checks out from then on unless they already started check out (but didn’t finish it), they won’t get the updated pricing.

How to disconnect your Quickbooks account

You can disconnect your Quickbooks account from your iwocaPay account from the Integrations page in your iwocaPay dashboard.

  1. Go to the Quickbooks app and then hit it the Configure plugin button in the top right

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click 'I'd like to un-link Quickbooks' to disconnect your account

Once you disconnect it’ll remove iwocaPay as a payment option from all your invoices - even ones you’ve already sent out.

Trouble shoot when a link doesn't send

Sometimes this happens when you submit an invoice too quickly on the final page in QuickBooks. To avoid it we recommend that you wait around 5 - 10 seconds on the final page before you submit the invoice.

If it's too late and the invoice is sent without the link - here's how you can fix it.

  • Go to the invoices sections on the left-hand side of your QuickBooks account.

  • Click on the invoice that you created.

  • Then click Edit invoice in the bottom right.

  • The invoice will take a second to update and the iwocaPay pay link will automatically generate in the Message on invoice box.

  • Click Save and resend and the email will be resent with the pay link.

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