FAQs - How to apply?

Here's what the application process looks like, how long it takes and what information we need from you.

Written by Jake Mellett
Updated over a week ago

How do I apply?

Sign up online in minutes and provide your business information. Depending on the size of application we may require business documents such as bank statements or company accounts.

After applying we'll make an instant assessment of your business and confirm your offer within hours. If you're happy to proceed you can draw down the funds to your bank account.

What data do you look at?

For most applications we will review business bank statements. This data allows us to get a good understanding of your business and make a fair decision.

You can securely link many of your business bank information to iwoca through open banking, saving you from handling any paperwork. We also integrate with accounts from Xero, Amazon, Paypal, Sage Pay and more.

If you would prefer not to link your accounts, you can always upload your statements.

How long does it take?

It takes a few minutes to apply. We'll then be able to review your account and put an offer in place within hours. Once you're approved you can draw down the funds to your bank account any time of day.


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