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How credit checks work and more detail on linking accounts

Written by Jake Mellett
Updated over a week ago

Will you run credit checks when I apply?

To help us lend responsibly we run credit and identity checks when you apply. We use quotation searches which leave a 'soft-footprint' (meaning they have no impact on your credit score).

Is linking my online accounts secure?

When you link your accounts our systems only view your sales history and other business data. We never see your passwords and treat all of your data with the utmost care.

Linking a Xero account is an easy way to share your business data with iwoca, including your bank statements and company details. You can also automate your accounting by choosing to have iwoca add a transaction to Xero when you take funds or make a repayment. You can choose to remove our access to your Xero account at any stage through the settings page on your Xero account.

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